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Remote, Online Learning

One-Off Coder Parents and Students,

With growing concerns of COVID-19 increasingly impacting our communities, One-Off Coder is offering remote, online education to our students. We will be providing laptops to students and waiving all rental fees to facilitate and continue their coding journey. Instead of coming to the facility, as usual, students may engage with instructors online via Skype. Below are instructions for parents to follow to prepare and enable your child to continue their coding and computer science education.

Requirements, What will you need?

  • A computer (desktop or laptop). If your child does not have a computer, One-Off Coder will lend a laptop and waive all rental fees. Parents, however, will be responsible for lost, stolen or damages made to the laptop. A signed agreement, made by the parent, will be required.
  • Internet connection. A basic connection to the Internet will be required as communication and the interactive session will be made over the Internet. An Internet connection speed of at least 100 Mbps is recommended.
  • A Skype account. You or your child must have a Skype account, and the account must be reachable by the One-Off Coder instructor account oneoffcoder@outlook.com.

Training and Setup

Given that you have the requirements above satisfied, a 15 to 20 minutes onsite training session may be required to orient your child (the student) to use Skype. Please call us to set up an appointment to quickly and safely train your child at the facility.

As always, be safe and continue with your journey of success with coding!