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Summer Coding Camp 2022

Pave your child’s way to lifelong success through the development of critical thinking this summer with our rich and diverse series of coding camps! One-Off Coder will be offering full-day, week-long computer programming camps in the following areas.

  • Game, Drone and Robotics Programming with Scratch (recommended only for ages 6-8)
    • Students will learn and use game design and concepts to code interactive and fun games using Scratch. Students will code behavior and intelligence into drones and robots.
  • Python Fundamentals
    • Students will master the basics of Python which includes variables, collections, loops and conditionals. By the end of week students will be able to program basic games and solve non-trivial problems.
  • Micro:bit Programming
    • Students will learn how to manipulate the Internet of Things (IoT) through Micro:bit programming. Students will understand basic electronics and programmatically convert sensory inputs into visual and physical outputs.
  • Autonomous Robotics Programming
    • Students will specialize in programming the Finch robot. Students will learn about the sensors and outputs of the Finch. Additionally, the course will cover parallel programming concepts where students will manipulate 4 Finch robots at a time.
  • 3D Programming/Printing
    • Students will learn about 3-dimension (3D) concepts and programmatically create complex and beautiful 3D objects. The fruits of their labor will be displayed through the printed 3D models.

The schedule is as follows and also shown on our flyer below. Please note that the Scratch programming course will run every week from June 16 to August 19 and is recommended only for students in the age range of 6 to 8.

Game, Drone and Robotics Programming with ScratchJune 16August 19
Python FundamentalsJune 20June 24
Micro:bit ProgrammingJune 27July 1
Autonomous Robotics ProgrammingJuly 5July 8
3D ProgrammingJuly 11July 15
Python FundamentalsAugust 1August 5
Micro:bit ProgrammingAugust 8August 12
Autonomous Robotics ProgrammingAugust 15August 19


We are pleased to offer additional discounts to the Summer Coding Camps.

  • Early Bird Registration: Enrollment before April 29, 2022 for individual coding camps receive a 20% discount off the original price. Each course will be $310 $389.
  • Enrollment in four or more camps receive an additional 10% discount off the total (of all the camps).

Key Highlights

  • Daily schedule is filled with structured activities
  • Educational challenges include STEAM experiments and mind puzzles
  • Encouragement of excellence and proficiency in typing through typing games and competitions
  • Independent thinking is facilitated through daily projects
  • Collaboration is reinforced with team-based problem solving

Notes for Parents

  • Drop-off is from 8 to 9 AM
  • Pick-up is from 5 to 7 PM
  • Lunch and snack must be provided daily by parents
  • Pizza will be provided for lunch on Friday