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PC Build Services

Let us build your customized, dream PC for you! Whether its for gaming, video editing, computational number grinding or entertainment, we will help you find the parts according to your needs and budget. Our procedure starts with identifying which CPU you want (AMD or Intel), and then cascades to the motherboard, RAM, disks and GPU. The main PC components of what we will help you decide on are as follows.

  • CPU: The central processing unit (CPU) is the “brain” of your system. Typical PCs use either AMD or Intel CPU chips.
  • Motherboard: The CPU will dictate/determine the type of motherboard you will need. Motherboards are tricky as they do not necessarily work for CPUs of the same manufacturer (eg Intel CPUs and motherboards must be part of the same chipset generation). It is the single-most critical component of your PC since it houses all your other PC components and enables them to communicate.
  • RAM: Random access memory (RAM) is where your computer stores data for actively running programs. More memory means better performance, but there are different memory types that you may choose from (eg speed) to fully optimize your PC building goals.
  • DISK: Disks are where your computer stores data permanently. There are old school SATA disks that are cheaper but can store much more data than the newer SSD standard. Yet, there is the SSD NVMe standard that sits directly on the motherboard that is costly and stores less data, but the fastest data storage medium available and widely used by the most performant PCs.
  • GPU: A graphical processing unit (GPU) is the graphical workhorse of your system from rendering and displaying graphics to highly vectorized computations. A GPU is the most power-hungry and perhaps most costly component of your PC. Typical PCs use AMD/ATI or NVIDIA GPUs.
  • PSU: A power supply unit (PSU) powers up your PC. PSUs have evolved over the years to become highly modular for wire management and powerful to support the graphical needs of PCs. Do not underestimate what a great PSU can do to feed consistent and sufficient power to your PC.
  • COOLING: PCs need a way to cool itself; without doing so, you will find your system throttles and will not operate at peak performance. Typical cooling approaches are air or water cooling. Air cooling may be applied to the CPU and PC case, or a mixture of air and water cooling may be applied to the PC system.
  • CASE: A case will bring all your hardware components together. A great criteria for selecting is case is based the size (breathing/venting/cooling/working room). PC enthusiast typically go the extra mile to showcase their PC case and components with LEDs.
  • OS: PCs are typically synonymous with the Windows OS, however, you can also install Linux flavors of OSs as well. Windows OS are great for productivity and gaming, but is not free or open source. Linux OSs are typically free and open source (eg Ubuntu).
  • Peripherals: If you need special peripherals (eg keyboard, mouse, WACOM pad, monitors, printers, etc), those are important components outside of the PC that you will need to consider. These peripherals are usually plug-in-play (PnP) to the PC system once it has been built.

We offer competitive prices for building your PC.

  • Air Cooled PC System is 129 USD
  • Water Cooled PC System is 139 USD
  • OS Installation is an additional 9 USD
  • 1-year additional, unlimited diagnosis is an additional 99 USD

If you want to learn how to build a PC and watch/help us do it, we can build it together for an additional 49 USD. This option is a great activity for parents who want their child to go beyond using computers and understand the inner workings of computers.


  • How long will it take to build my PC? It depends, if you have all the parts and simply want us to build your system, the turnaround time is 24 hours. If we have to order the parts, it can take up to 1 week or more as the world’s supply chain is currently impacted by the after-effects of COVID-19.
  • What is your warranty on building my PC? We have a 14 days warranty on our service for building your PC. Also, as mentioned above, for a discounted prices of 99 USD, you will have an unlimited number of diagnoses for your custom built PC. Warranty on parts is based on the manufacturer.
  • Do you do customized cases? No, we do not customize cases, although we will help manage the aesthetics of your PC through cable management and RGB/LEDs of your selection.