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Community Outreach

Learn and explore how One-Off Coder is helping the local community get engaged with the future through computer science and coding

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Optimization, Simulation

Cloud Computing

Docker, Containerization, Deployment, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure

Software Engineering

Python, Java, Scala, TypeScript/JavaScript, C, C++

Java Data Containers

In Java, Maps are hard, Tuples don’t exists and Classes are heavy. Learn how to use Records to improve your coding approaches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Q5BC_pVSYg
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Python Data Containers

Let’s learn new and modern ways of creating data containers in Python. Tuples? Try using named tuples. Dictionaries? Try using EasyDictionary. Classes? Try using data …
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Bayesian Networks, Py-BBN

Come learn about the basics of probabilistic and causal inference using Py-BBN. Py-BBN is an opensource API that anyone can use to solve and facilitate …
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API Release: py-pair

We are happy to release a statistical library for computing bivariate association called py-pair! There are over 130 association measures for all your data science …
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