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Fighting to stop COVID-19 with diagnosis

One-Off Coder is helping to fight against the spread of COVID-19 by exploring and experimenting with differential diagnosis models. In this post, we use Bayesian Belief Networks (BBN) to perform diagnostic reasoning from symptoms back to the cause. This approach can help patients be better triaged for screening and testing […]

Pose Estimation with Deep Learning

Here’s an easy way to do pose estimation with Yolo and High-Resolution Networks using Docker containers. What are the implications of such power at your finger tips? Imagine you are in sports science. Would it not be great to learn and teach athletes how the motion of their movement impacts […]

Learn Java 12 with Jupyter Lab

Learning Java 12 can be a challenge since you will have to set up your development environment correctly. We have released a Docker container with Java 12 and Jupyter Lab to take away the pain of creating a Java environment and setting up an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). With this […]

Book Release: Python, Do This, Not That!

We have published an online book for Python programmers to improve their coding skills. This book has nearly 40 examples of writing Python code that is beautiful and idiomatic, and at the same time, computationally efficient and effective. The project is available on GitHub and the book is available for […]

Hadoop + Spark + Python Docker Container

If you want to learn Hadoop, Spark and Python (PySpark), we have published a Docker container to facilitate your learning efforts. The source code is available on GitHub and the container is published on Docker Hub. An example notebook is provided to get you jump started as well (see below).

Customized data science runtime containers for Databricks

Databricks has an experimental feature where you may customize your runtime container using Docker containers. In this article, we show how you can quickly build a Docker container for data science purpose. In particular, we will create a Docker container for use with Databricks with some Natural Language Processing (NLP) […]