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We provide state-of-the-art consulting for your business needs in the areas of software development, cloud computing and data science. Our business approach is to understand your biggest business pain-points and respond with an efficient and effective technical solution of the highest caliber.

PC Services

Top-notch PC maintenance and building

PC Build Services

Let us build your customized, dream PC for you! Whether its for gaming, video editing, computational number grinding or entertainment, we will help you find the parts according to your needs and budget. Our procedure starts with identifying which CPU you want (AMD or Intel), and then cascades to the …

PC Maintenance Services

We are pleased to announce our new service offerings with PC maintenance services. Our maintenance services include the following. Diagnostics for when your computer is not behaving as expected.Repair for when your computer is not starting up or is slow.Cleaning for when your computer accumulates internal dust from continued usage.Optimization for …

The Art of the Possible

Consulting Service Offerings

Causal Analysis

Go beyond prediction and explanation, and use causal analysis and counterfactuals to discover cause and effect relationships and estimate causal impacts.

Application Development

Imagine and realize cross-platform applications to empower your users for productivity and business advantages.

Machine Learning

Embed and exploit machine intelligence into your organizational decision process by deploying secure, cloud-native predictive models.

Deep Learning

Use bleeding edge predictive modeling techniques with deep learning for spatial-temporal and/or image data.

Data Science

Data is the new gold. Turn your data into actionable knowledge for your business to remain competitive.

High Impact, High Value


Project Management

Of all the possible tasks in my schedule, what’s the next best activities that I should work on? Given your current situation, make the best current move to maximize long-term wins and favorable outcomes. [Reinforcement Learning]


How may I influence individual and organizational behavioral outcomes using the responses in my survey? Discover and understand the simultaneous, multi-variable interactions with structural equation models. [Survey Analysis]

Human Resources

Will my employees leave my company? Determine the probability of your employees’  attrition using powerful ensemble classification models. [Classification]


What do my customers think about my company’s services or products? Grow and improve your business by understanding the voice of the customer through polarity analysis. [Sentiment Analysis]


How do I maximize savings or minimize cost? Exploit biologically inspired models of optimization to discover and make the best decisions. [Optimization]

Real Estate

How much may I expect my property investment to grow? Estimate with confidence how your return-on-investments (ROIs) may grow through forecasting models. [Predictive Analytics]


How do I build summary profiles of high value targets based on highly unstructured documents? Derive higher order meanings across all your document corpora using latent semantic and variable analysis. [Text Mining]


How can I make better energy purchasing decisions across my distribution of residential and commercial customers? Detect spatial patterns using convolutional neural networks (CNNs) or temporal patterns using recurrent neural networks (RNNs). [Deep Learning]


How do I translate from one language to another? Employ autoencoder deep learning networks to train language translations. [Natural Language Processing]


How do I go beyond prediction and explanation and towards stable causal relationships? Use predictive, diagnostic, and counterfactual reasoning under uncertainty with causal computational models. [Causal Analysis]


How do I recommend products, vendors, or candidates? Make context-specific recommendations of items through content and collaborative filtering approaches in a smart and personalized way. [Recommendation]


How do I detect malicious attacks in a continuous stream of network traffic? Separate and find signal from noise by looking for outliers through adversarial networks and reasoning. [Anomaly Detection]