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Project Management

Of all the possible tasks in my schedule, what’s the next best activities that I should work on? Given your current situation, make the best current move to maximize long-term wins and favorable outcomes. [Reinforcement Learning]


How may I influence individual and organizational behavioral outcomes using the responses in my survey? Discover and understand the simultaneous, multi-variable interactions with structural equation models. [Survey Analysis]

Human Resources

Will my employees leave my company? Determine the probability of your employees’  attrition using powerful ensemble classification models. [Classification]


What do my customers think about my company’s services or products? Grow and improve your business by understanding the voice of the customer through polarity analysis. [Sentiment Analysis]


How do I maximize savings or minimize cost? Exploit biologically inspired models of optimization to discover and make the best decisions. [Optimization]

Real Estate

How much may I expect my property investment to grow? Estimate with confidence how your return-on-investments (ROIs) may grow through forecasting models. [Predictive Analytics]


How do I build summary profiles of high value targets based on highly unstructured documents? Derive higher order meanings across all your document corpora using latent semantic and variable analysis. [Text Mining]


How can I make better energy purchasing decisions across my distribution of residential and commercial customers? Detect spatial patterns using convolutional neural networks (CNNs) or temporal patterns using recurrent neural networks (RNNs). [Deep Learning]


How do I translate from one language to another? Employ autoencoder deep learning networks to train language translations. [Natural Language Processing]


How do I go beyond prediction and explanation and towards stable causal relationships? Use predictive, diagnostic, and counterfactual reasoning under uncertainty with causal computational models. [Causal Analysis]